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Pricing of acrylic artwork varies based on the type, size, and detail of the picture to be painted.

All personal (non-celebrity) paintings cost more than celebrities because of the resale value. Any personal work we do will only have value to the person or persons purchasing the painting and thus we will not have other means by which to sell it. To ensure we provide you with the best value possible, we will present documentation with your personal artwork that will give you permission to reprint the artwork to give as gifts to family members and others interested. The reprints are not to be sold for profit and the documentation will list more detailed information on the stipulations.

Pricing is as follows for personal paintings: Each based on detail

30' x 40': $350-400

22' x 28': $250-300

16' x 20': $150-200

12' x 16': $75-100

We will give exact quotes after we see the picture you want painted.




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