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What to expect when the tech arrives?

A whisper of vapor and a rush of air is all you hear inside your home. Bulky equipment remains in our truck to protect your walls and furnishings from damage. Our truck is quiet, too, and you will not disturb your neighbors.

The patented* Bane-Clene system heats cleaning solution to just the right, safe temperature to prevent harm to carpet fibers. Gentle, effective cleaning agents and pre-softened water-vapor loosens soil which is immediately extracted to ensure sparkling clean, residue-free carpets.

A sealed hose from the truck prevents spillage in your home. We don’t use your water or sewage facilities and never pump dirty water onto your lawn or driveway.

Thanks to Custom Clean for a wonderful job on the carpets. There were stains on the carpet I thought would never come out. Thanks to Custom Clean I was wrong. The service was quick and reliable and I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs it!

– Chad Ruiz


How to manage Pet Odors

It is very important to clean up a soiled area as soon as possible. The longer the area is left unattended, the more difficult it will become to get rid of the pet stain and odors. While the urine stain is still wet, it is important to soak up as much of the urine as possible. Once it has dried, it is much harder to get rid of the odor. Before the area dries, it should be thoroughly cleaned with a good odor and stain remover. There are several on the market, it is best to look for one that removes the stain as well as the odor. It is still most effective when you can treat pet urine immediately.

However, after a few “accidents, it may be difficult to continue to return the carpet to a clean and refreshing state. It is then time to call in the professionals. Professional carpet cleaning services such as Custom Clean have special products and machinery that are designed to tackle these tough stains and odors, that are not available over the counter.

Tips on Removing Spots

When a spot or stain occurs, you must act quickly, the longer it remains on the carpet or upholstery, the harder it will be to get out. You should use clean white towels and blot the stain. Apply the appropriate spot remove, following the directions for the particular type of stain. Work toward the center of the spot. Repeat steps if necessary, and always blot between steps with a clean white towel. You will want to do a spot removal test on a portion of carpet that is normally not visible, before applying the spot remover to the stained area. You never want to use bleach.

Is Steam Cleaning the Best Method to Clean Carpets?

Steam Cleaning is still the only method of carpet cleaning recommended by the manufacturers and thus is the only way to keep your carpet warranty intact.

How Long Will my Carpets Stay Clean?

Assuming normal wear and tear, they should stay clean for many months. We will ensure that there is no residue of chemical left once on the carpet once we are finished cleaning your carpets. These residues tend to be dirt magnets, and if left on your carpet will have your carpet looking dirty in a matter of weeks. Just make sure the company you use, either rinses with a textile rinse or uses a neutral pH cleaning agent.
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